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Do you know how safe your photocopier, printer or scanner is?

on Friday, 05 February 2021. Posted in News

Do you know how safe your photocopier, printer or scanner is?

Do you know how safe your photocopier, printer or scanner is?

Do you know how safe your photocopier, printer or scanner is? And why should you care? At SDS we think you should be thinking about these three questions and here's why: Security is still a hot topic!



GDPR guidelines for the protection of personal data and malware / cyber attacks such as the infamous WannaCry infection wave or the DarkHotel as a spy in the hotel room, make users very insecure.  

Alarming statistics about the threats in the office environment .


    • on average every 39 seconds a hacker attack takes place
    • 230,000 new malware is produced every day, and the number is expected to grow further
    • For example, a telecommunications company registered up to 46 millions of cyberattacks per day
    • A 3/4 of the companies have clearly felt the consequences of such hacker attacks:
    • Critical business data and applications have been lost
    • Access to your computer data centre could be restricted for several days

It is no longer a question of whether a company is targeted by an attack. It's much more about when and how you're 


Sources: The Quocirca Global Print Security Landscape, 2019 Report & Disaster Preparedness Council, FEMA &, Deutsche Telekom AG 2019 .


A significant security risk,  which is often completely underestimated, is document and information processing via the MFP/Photocopier. Virtually all printing device vendors offer a variety of security features for their MFPs. Most competitors in the market use whitelisting as the highest security level for MFPs. The whitelist functionality often suggests a partnership with an anti-virus provider. Which is often technically not the case. BUT: Only Konica Minolta's virus scanning solution in cooperation with Bitdefender offers comprehensive protection for your MFP, making it unique in the market.

What makes Bitdefender`s virus scan unique for bizhub devices? .


    • All-round carefree subscription: once paid, always usable and secure (for the entire MFP service life)
    • Bodyscan for the MFP: Full fluoroscopy of documents and files (and not just superficially)
    • Scan in real time and on request (as you wish)
    • Automatic updates of the virus scan installation for being always protected against the latest viruses
    • Display of virus scans, so you can see everything at a glance


SDS are proud to be Cyber Essential accredited, something many of our competitors are not. This helps us guard against the most common cyber threats and reduce your risk by at least 80%. It also demonstrates our commitment to your cyber security.  

We can supply this with any of the new range of machines at an extremely competitive price especially when you consider what the alternative may cost! To find out more please contact us on 01278 723784 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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