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Managed content services

on Thursday, 24 August 2017. Posted in News

Managed content services

Managed content services

Managed Content Services – Take Control of Your Content

Businesses are approaching data overload. There’s a constant build up of information from emails, documents and invoices, which are often unstructured and unclassified.

This results in the average employee spending 20 minutes per day searching for documents. That soon adds up: for a company with 50 employees, that’s 11 days a month lost!

Managed Content Services from SDS has the answer to this common problem.

The benefits

Managed Content Services can help businesses claw back time, improve transparency and gain a competitive advantage. Other benefits include:

  • Save time and money with optimised business procedures
  • Avoid information silos, such as locally administered data
  • Improve customer service as information is instantly available (even on the move)
  • Free your employees from unnecessary administration, and reduce paper consumption
  • Speed up processes and react faster to market changes, by reducing error sources with automated digitised processing

Get organised

Any size of business can benefit from using Managed Content Services. The best strategies and tools will depend on your needs. Our unique SDS Three Step Process will help, and includes:


  1. An analysis of your existing processes to reveal where they could be optimised.


2. A certified dedicated SDS project manager will help implement the solution.


3. SDS will provide continued optimisation ensuring long term success.

If you’re ready to save time and money using Managed Content Services:

contact us or call 01278 724014 for details.


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