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Print Macros in law firms – what do they do?

on Monday, 15 February 2016. Posted in News

Old habits die hard - SDS helping law firms improve productivity

Print Macros in law firms – what do they do?

There is always a resistance to change working practices without a valid reason and sometimes even with a valid reason! With this in mind it is sometimes difficult to get a “buy-in” from staff to move away from long standing habits especially in the legal sector.

Historically templates have been configured for desktop laser printers and word page layouts to select, a letter may have a headed front cover and a different continuation page, a copy of a letter may need to be produced  for the court file or own internal paper reference.

In many practices they use different colour papers to easily identify different types of documents or even different destinations. This would result in at least a few button presses for each member of admin staff, taking a considerable amount of time to produce.

One click solution.

With a macro you can just hit one button on the word tool bar and the macro will produce the correct number of copies on the correct papers.

To overcome the issue with word page set-up printing to the wrong trays the Macro overrides the settings and will allow documents to be easily printed from the correct trays without the time consuming process of editing every word template or going into page set up every time the document is printed.

This solution can be tailored to the individual clients working practices and allow the implementation of a centralised printing strategy without the usual resistance.

Please follow the link to the SDS web site and see the testimonials from SDS clients which give “real world” examples of how this can be easily adopted.If you add this superb feature to one of our highly cost effective Konica Minolta Bizhub's you have the perfect answer in improving productivity.

Please call 01278 723784 to arrange a free consultation on how this may help you.

A quote from Acorn solicitors "SDS assisted us in setting up Macros on all our PC's so that all users could select different paper sources through a single click, without going through any changes in printer really delivered efficiency gains in our printing".

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