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Remote Support on Demand

on Friday, 01 May 2015. Posted in News

Issues with copier/printer/scanner can be instantly resolved

SDS are very proud of our service and support. Having won an award for Customer Service Excellence, at the Sedgemoor Business Excellence Awards 2015, we thought it was worth asking one of our existing clients, what benefits they have experienced using our remote support service.

Here's what King's Hall and King's College had to say...

King’s Hall and Kings College are located on different sites, either side of Taunton Somerset, so we have always wanted and needed to be able to offer remote support to our users. For us this is the best way to ensure a fast and appropriate response to their issues.

Once installed, Multifunction Devices were traditionally always at arm’s length from the IT department. General staff had initial training and can easily work out how to photocopy, but we wanted to encourage staff to make better use of our devices, for full print/scan/copy functionality.

As user requirements get more complex however our support team had to rely on memory and suggestion. “Somewhere I think there is a mailbox or user box option”

The new multifunction devices from SDS have Remote Panel Enabled. This increases the support we can offer a user as and when an issue occurs. Instead of relying on memory we can actively see to help the user with a multifunction device just as we would a PC.

We can now remotely connect to the machine, and work with the staff member, for example; "I can see the screen in front of you. Can you touch Mailbox, it’s the third option down on the left".

Below is an illustration of a few images of what the IT team can see when remotely connected to the ACTUAL PHOTOCOPIER. When a staff member is stood at the machine we can take ownership of the issue, therefore taking the responsibility away from the end user.

Photocopier Remote Support Screen

Photocopier Remote Support Screen

Photocopier Remote Support Screen

This same option also allows us access to faster support should we need to escalate an issue or make a configuration change. We can work with SDS on our devices remotely, saving my team travel costs while improving resolution times.

This higher level of support helps enable our users to make better use of our devices while also helping towards the can do attitude I want in my team:

‘Yes, we can help you with that’.

King’s Hall and Kings College IT department


Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the remote support facilities that we can offer you.

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