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Save money with PaperCut print management software

on Wednesday, 10 May 2017. Posted in News

Save money with PaperCut print management software

Save money with PaperCut print management software

Significant savings from reducing excess and duplicate printing

During these testing financial times it is important to be cost-conscious, and significant savings can be made by reducing wastage such as excess or duplicate printing. The PaperCut software can be installed on any system and allows you to manage and control your users and printers, therefore reducing costs by minimising wastage.

You can allocate printing to the various departments within your business, making managers and staff more aware of what they are printing and its impact, both financially and environmentally.

The benefits for the building and construction sector are clear:

  • Client billing: re-charge your client for what has been produced – including wideformat documents
  • Eliminate print wastage by stopping unclaimed and duplicate prints being produced
  • Enforce your print policy: notify users of the cost implications of sending jobs to certain devices
  • Control colour output by job type
  • Control all print/copy devices on the network regardless of make or model

PaperCut-accredited installation

We have two PaperCut-accredited staff, Dan Sanyasi (Technical Support) and Simon Lomen (Sales Account Manager) who can offer technical support to customers using the system. This means that, as we do with your hardware, we will be a consistent point of contact for this software product.

PaperCut print management software in use

We fully integrated the PaperCut solution with a comprehensive network installation for our clients Orme Architecture, who said, “PaperCut enables us to have control of all our printing and copying jobs. This provides us with a seamless billing-back facility to individual clients, with minimal user intervention.”

Get in touch to book a free SDS Audit, and discover the true cost of every copier and printer on your business network. 

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