Total Print Management

Total Print Management

Why Manage your Printing & Copying?

Today's office technology delivers such a diverse and forever evolving array of products for printing\copying. Business's are crying out for assistance in managing this business critical service. Most businesses do not have the expertise to design or manage a print strategy. This results in inefficiencies and it becomes a burden upon the entire business.

Spiralling Costs – No Overview on Usage - Organisations today continue to experience spiralling printing costs due to a patchwork of printers\multi-functional printers, deployed throughout their business. This patchwork of printers provides little or no visibility of what is being printed, how often and by whom! Most devices provide no data on usage and unless you are able to take a holistic view of your print output, you are left guessing the costs.

Hidden Costs - Drain on IT Resources - With so many diverse printers, scanners and copiers deployed throughout an organisation, the burden of managing these devices falls firmly on the shoulders of the IT department, tying up an expensive resource to replace tonner, clean print drums or simply reset the device. Where there's no IT resource available, a business can stall and productivity collapse, while efforts are made to recover the situation. These costs are simply unrecognisable!

The Solution – SDS Total Print Management

Here at SDS we hold the key to solving this problem by utilising our skill-sets to provide a total print management service. SDS's Total Print Management consists of three transition steps to ensure you get the most efficient solution, designed around your own business's needs.

total print management steps


90% of businesses in the UK do not have a full picture of the annual costs of their printing!

Instant Savings

Independent research shows that the average amount spent per employee on printing and copying, is around £400 per year - that is hard costs associated with hardware, toners, and maintenance, and does not include "soft" costs such as IT support, software, and the time spent by the employees themselves.

Improved Productivity

Print related issues typically account for up to 20% of calls to IT help desks. With the SDS Total Print Management Solution, the volume of calls would drop, and they would be picked up by SDS - so freeing your IT support staff to focus on more important issues. Employee productivity would also benefit from a better service.

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