Now you can provide enterprise-level print security and convenience while reducing print waste and costs - with Equitrac Office 4, the most-advanced version yet of our market-leading output management solution. Equitrac Office 4 and Express 4 provides simple yet powerful network-based authorization, authentication and accounting for all printer and copier use.

Available as both device-embedded or terminal-based solutions, Equitrac Office 4 supports networked multifunction printers from every major office equipment manufacturer as well as multiple print workflows, database types, operating systems and user identification methods - all of which speeds and simplifies direct integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

Delivering Benefits Company-wide:


  • Directly print to the most efficient device on the network
  • Control print costs, both on colour and mono prints
  • Simplified IT Equitrac software simplifies life for IT administrators. With centralized equipment administration and control, it improves service levels, minimizes IT resource requirements and reduces printing-related help desk calls.
  • Proactive fault detection and timely error notification help technical staff to resolve issues before they become problems. And Equitrac's new Device Monitoring Engine provides a single console to track the status and history - including current paper and toner levels and recent failures - of all networked devices.
  • Improved productivity and convenience - flexibility to release documents to any networked device - anywhere throughout the company - lets users avoid lines or print their jobs whenever convenient. Plus, Equitrac's Device Monitoring Engine lets administrators route jobs away from unavailable devices.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities - make more informed equipment decisions with the insight delivered in summary, detailed and total activity reports. See at a glance who produces the most output, which devices are most heavily used or where problems typically occur.
  • Improved color management - with Equitrac you can easily control who may print to color devices, for what purposes and how much output they may produce.
  • A better environment - document production has wide-ranging environmental impact. By managing output, you can reduce consumption of natural resources and the volume of non-recycleable materials that end up in landfill.