South Somerset CAB

South Somerset CAB



SDS help Yeovil based charity South Somerset Citizens Advice Bureau, take control of all their print needs.



The situation

The South Somerset CAB Manager, explains more: “SDS suggested that they carry out a thorough, FREE Print Audit to establish our current costs. They identified the print volumes from our machines and the average print volume per photocopy/printer device.

What came to light was that our average monthly spend on cartridges was in the region of £400 per month! Because we had no service contracts on any of our machines, we were spending huge amounts of time finding the cheapest replacement cartridges.

SDS were now able to provide us with a range of new equipment options, all of which pointed to substantial savings.”

The SDS solution

“We opted for two new Konica Minolta machines on a new rental contract that gave us a very healthy annual saving and included all toner costs, servicing and support. Now that we have fewer machines in the office, we’ve even gained valuable office space. Our office staff have embraced the concept of sending their print and copy requests to just two devices.”

The long-term benefits

SDS helped us make further savings by avoiding unnecessary external printing costs. Historically, SSCAB used external printers to produce a range of documents that we have desktop published and proof read in-house.
We would also order bulk supplies of letter-headed paper and compliment slips.
We can now produce all these items in-house, as we need them, saving bulk printing costs and storage space. We’re also saving time by not having to travel to print companies for off-site production meetings!”

 “As a direct result of our relationship with SDS, the combination of new rental agreements and cost savings on printing, SSCAB will make significant annual savings.”