Axe Brue Drainage Board

Axe Brue Drainage Board

Axe Brue Internal Drainage Board explain the importance of reliable hardware, a prompt response and straightforward, economic pricing.

The situation

As a Public Authority dealing with the management of water levels to protect people, property and the environment, the need to produce high quality reports and printed material for site visits and Board members, is a must.  There’s also a high volume of document scanning done, prior to archiving.

SDS supplied Axe Brue with two Konica Minolta printers: bringing their
total output to four printers. The other two units were from another supplier, allowing a direct comparison of the services of both supplier and machines.
It became obvious that the SDS offering was superior in many ways; from
cost and response times, to IT functionality and communication with SDS
service engineers.

The SDS solution

SDS presented a proposal that was clearly set out and allowed for clear
year on year budgets to be set. Using the information that SDS had provided,
Axe Brue opted to move their entire printer fleet to Konica Minolta machines, knowing that all the costs were transparent and that the great service they were already receiving from SDS would continue

The long-term benefits

The Konica Minolta machines supplied by SDS meet the Board’s high quality print/copy/scan needs in all respects. The costs are known and can be budgeted for in advance. If there are any system issues, a SDS service engineer is dealing with it promptly; taking the time to explain the problem and what they have done to rectify it. Similarly, any IT issues are swiftly dealt with by the SDS Technical Support.

“SDS have given us great confidence in their Konica Minolta products and excellent customer service.”