DVH Veterinary Sales

DVH Veterinary Sales

Thanks to SDS, Taunton based DVH Veterinary Services have improved the impact of their sales literature,
using cost-effective, print-on-demand technology

The situation

DVH Veterinary Services were using small, desk top machines to produce price lists that included high quality product images. The prices (and products) change regularly, meaning the price lists have to be updated and re-printed – a time consuming and costly process, using the small desk top machines.

The SDS solution

SDS supplied DVH with a Konica Minolta print/copy/scan machine that featured a booklet function, allowing them to print price list booklets with good quality paper for the inner pages and thicker covers.

Multiple booklet templates are set up on the printer, so that any member
of staff can simply select the correct, pre-paginated template and print it as flat sheets – DVH then simply staple and fold them.

SDS also supplied the vet practice with a program that allows staff to drag and drop elements from other applications (text from Word, tables from Excel and PDFs etc.), into their documents. This makes document production far simpler, more time efficient and money saving.

The long-term benefits

Although impressed by the functionality and reliability of the machine, it was the SDS maintenance contract that delivered additional value: it gave DVH the confidence that, should there be an issue, a quick phone call meant an SDS engineer would be able to fix the problem as a priority.

“Our consumables costs have been reduced and the time saved using the new program has been a real bonus.”