James Tobias - the leading UK manufacturer of Office Storage Solutions

 James Tobias


James Tobias of Bridgwater, explain how SDS have helped them make tangible, monthly savings and improve standards for their customers.


The situation

We are the leading UK manufacturer of office storage solutions, providing organisations with optimum storage solutions for a quarter
of a century. We have known Simon Lomen of SDS for a considerable time; he was always mentioning the running costs of our HP colour laser. He highlighted how we would be wise to compare its running cost to that of a Konica Minolta machine supplied by SDS.

When our existing HP machine started becoming problematic we thought it was time to utilise SDS’s offer of a Free Print Audit.

The SDS solution

To say we were pleasantly surprised at how much we could save on consumable costs would be an understatement. SDS proved to us that we would save at least £300 per month.

As with all sensible companies we look to reduce costs where we can. However, we did not realise the scale of additional benefits we would receive in working with SDS.

The long-term benefits

We make savings due to the all-inclusive support agreement.


We can now print very high quality CAD drawings and literature for our customers to review, which demonstrates our business ethos of high quality products and processes. The high speed scanning facility has improved our office productivity.

SDS are always available should we require a site visit or via their superb telephone dial-in support.