Offsite Solutions

 Offsite Solutions

It’s not just printing costs that SDS help businesses with. Highbridge-based Offsite Solutions explain
how SDS improved their efficiency, too.

The situation

Offsite Solutions are the premier, bathroom pod manufacturer in the UK, supplying over 7,500 pod units every year to leading, main-contractors
and developers.

With significant amounts of paperwork being necessary at each stage of the design and making process, SDS were invited in to discuss relevant print and process cost savings.

The SDS solution

Lee Harding, Director of Offsite Solutions, explains the benefits of working with SDS; “With SDS assistance, we were able to easily insert a barcode into existing ‘work in progress’ Excel documents. The barcode includes the customer name, pod number and document type. The software then looks to see if the customer’s folder exists, if not, it creates it, looks to see if the pod number folder exists and, if it is not, it creates one.”

The long-term benefits

“This approach has given us confidence in document management and handling and given us significant efficiency gains and cost savings