Powrmatic Limited



SDS help businesses see their true print costs and where savings can be made. Powrmatic explain how SDS did just that for them.


The situation

Powrmatic Limited is Europe’s foremost manufacturer of commercial and industrial heating equipment and a leading specialist in natural, powered and smoke ventilation. We brought in SDS Account Manager, Simon Lomen, to discuss improvements and cost savings to our printing, copying and scanning equipment.

The SDS solution

Initial discussions with SDS gave us confidence that they could help.  Simon’s knowledge of the most appropriate printer/copier/scanner facilities was tremendous and further demonstrated that SDS were able to deliver exactly what would be the best for us. The simple, clear Free Print Audit was very beneficial in exposing our true print costs.

The long-term benefits

The training provided by SDS was clear, complete and detailed. No further training has been necessary since the equipment has been installed. One of the major benefits of the SDS equipment is that we can now email directly to specific folders via our photocopiers. The process of copying and emailing direct has really simplified our document handling processes and saves considerable time. The remote monitoring of our machines provides email alerts back to SDS so we no longer have machine down-time due to running out of toner cartridges.

Our relationship with SDS gives us the peace of mind that, in the unlikely event of a problem occurring, they will resolve issues quickly and professionally.

We highly recommend SDS products and the individual customer care service provided by the company.