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Environmental & Sustainability

We are committed to environmentally friendly business practices and regularly review our processes, products and services in an effort to minimise our carbon footprint …
and we take improvement action when and where we can.

The Environment and our suppliers:
As part of this approach, we have chosen our ‘preferred suppliers’ very carefully.

In seeking to provide the very best service we can to our clients/customers, we need to be absolutely convinced that our suppliers can consistently provide us with high quality products with a proven track record of robust reliability in the workplace.

So… what are the environmental credentials of our preferred supplier;

Konica Minolta is currently working towards a policy for a sustainable earth and society.  In a nutshell, what is good for the environment is good for one’s own green objectives and can also save money.

We, at SDS, feel that Konica Minolta deserves credit for:

  • Using Induction Fusing Technology: Providing a warm-up time of just 11 seconds from standby. This facility gives impressive flexibility, permitting media/stock of up to 300gsm to be processed.
  • Simitri HD Toner: The biomass in this toner is plant-based reducing the environmental impact during the three phases of production, use and recycling. It also has a much lower fixing temperature than conventional toners, resulting in considerably less energy being used in the print process (energy consumption of less than 7.5 KWh/week… far below the benchmark of 21.4 KWh/week).  This has been so well received that the Konica Minolta Bizhub was proudly displayed at the G8 Summit in Tokyo.
  • Using Black Panels in their product packaging/casing: Not only does this make for sleek, sharp looking products with aesthetic appeal, it also provides an environmentally friendly edge… black plastic panels require no bleaching when recycled!
  • Toners, Waste Toners and Imaging Units can be recycled. This service is available and we can arrange for a box to be provided which holds 20+ toner cartridges and you only have to pay for the collection when full.
  • Konica Minolta are compliant with the environmental laws and regulations in all parts of the globe. The key global certificates are: Blue Angel, Energy Star, ISO 14001 & ROHS


Environment logos

SDS and the environment
So… what about our commitment to the environment?

We look to minimise our carbon footprint in a variety of ways:

SDS are delighted to have started the journey to Net Zero.  After becoming Benchmark certified.  Our commitment to the environment has never been stronger and we look forward to the next steps in achieving carbon neutrality.

The machinery we supply is all unboxed by our technicians at our offices in Edington (Somerset) any plastics, cardboard, glass and paper associated with our products, is recycled saving the customer any time and resource that they would normally have to undertake.

The machine packaging has reduced the use of polystyrene by 80% with the introduction of air filled pouches.

The toner cartridges that we send out have also been repackaged and are now 30% smaller, cutting down on packaging and delivery costs:

Smaller packaging


We avoid unnecessary Travel…

SDS has invested in ‘GoToAssist’ to provide remote access to our clients’ PCs. This enables the majority of driver and software snags to be resolved without our engineers needing to visit client premises.

All SDS machines can be set remotely to log calls, inform us of consumable levels and give us meter readings… again, avoiding the need for engineer visits.

SDS will also set all enabled machines to default print in ‘duplex’ mode. This action halves paper usage, without any user intervention.

SDS encourage our clients to utilise paperless invoicing and meter reading collection.

SDS never sends machines to landfill… all ‘end of life’ units are recycled.

SDS genuinely cares about trying to reduce the environmental impact of our products and business practises.

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