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Case Study

SDS helped find a quicker, easier way to produce in-house printed documents for the Parish.

The situation

We wanted to replace the existing machine in our Parish office with a more cost effective colour device. This would enable us to produce our own colour leaflets and other high quality printed work.

Secondly, we have always edited and designed the Parish magazine ourselves and we have used a third party printer for printing purposes. This printing process invariably meant that the magazine was delivered later than we wished. We wanted to explore ways of bringing this print work in-house to reduce turnaround times, improve quality and print-on-demand to minimize wastage.

The SDS solution

SDS was recommended to us as a good local supplier. From the initial meeting, SDS staff took time to fully understand our needs and came up with the exact solution we required. All our printer/copier needs have been fulfilled and we can now produce the Parish magazine quickly and with excellent quality.

The long-term benefits

The system we’re now operating has given us more freedom and scope in terms of printing and what the Parish magazine can offer to local clubs, companies and the community. Our Priest in Charge, the Rev Simon Lewis, is now making the most of being able to produce a much wider variety of impactful and colourful posters, leaflets and other documents.

“We have genuinely benefitted from having a faster, high quality printer/copier that over time will give us substantial savings.”

Carole Carter is Administrator of The Parish of Three Saints, Somerset.

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