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Case Study

Young Somerset are a charity that exists to address the issues of rural exclusion, isolation and disadvantage that can affect young people. Cost effective internal systems play a vital part in supporting their important work…

The situation

We considered using SDS because we had many desk top printers and although relatively cheap to purchase, they proved difficult to manage and expensive to run, maintain and replenish. There was no way of tracking who was printing, or what they were printing and we were very concerned with the amount of print cartridges being purchased. We thought we were saving money on print cartridges by trawling the web, but we did not take into consideration the cost of our staff time in doing this.

The SDS solution

SDS offered us a FREE Print Audit and although we were a little wary of this, when we saw that there were so many SDS testimonials quoting how much they had saved, we invited SDS in.
Firstly, SDS proved that there were considerable savings to be had on print costs. Toner supplies are included in their all-inclusive contract (no more phoning around for best deal on cartridges).

The long-term benefits

Their printer provided superior quality for our posters and leaflets. Our reports are now managed in-house, using a booklet maker that automatically folds and staples the documents.
There’s a saving on space and power consumption because we now have one machine instead of several! The printer does everything we need – it copies, scans, prints, folds and staples – saving a considerable amount of staff time.

 “The training from the SDS staff was superb. They made sure we received the maximum from their technology and are always available to assist with on-going, free training and respond to queries promptly.”

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