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Save money & stress with our systemised solutions

At SDS we have perfect solutions for the ever-evolving office space, from scan routing offerings like Document Navigator and file sharing platforms like Foldr, through to Scan, archive retrieval packages like Square 9 and Filestar – we have you covered.

There are also print management solutions in the form of PaperCut MF and Hive. All backed up by our hugely experienced support team.

Document Management and Storage

We offer scan archive and retrieval solutions to simplify and automate your folder structure and make locating your documents effortless. Alongside systemised workflow offerings that can create approval systems for digitising invoicing and job sheets.

Print Management

If you have the need to control the amount of print your organisation produces, reduce wastage and the environmental impact that creates or set rules of whether printing is in colour or not? Maybe you wish limit users monthly printing or bill clients for print and copy work produced on their behalf, then we have the ideal solution.


First time fix rate

Our mission is to help improve your productivity by minimising downtime on your machines.

Konica Minolta elite partner

Konica Minolta is our principal supplier, and we are their only Elite Partner in the Somerset, Devon & Dorset areas.

<4 hr

Breakdown response

Guaranteed breakdown response of under 4 hours.
Our concentrated service area means we are there when you need us!

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