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Case Study

The benefits of having a total print management solution outweigh the cost saving benefits for Acorn Solicitors in Street and Taunton, Somerset.

The situation

Acorn Solicitors are a friendly, local and family run firm with offices in Taunton and Street. We are well known for our specialist knowledge and client focussed style of working.

We had HP desktop laser printers that were proving expensive to run and a burden on administration in monitoring stock. The other problem was that when something went wrong with these machines we didn’t know who best to call to fix them.

The SDS solution

SDS introduced us to the idea of a Total Print Management service, where they put together an all-inclusive copier and desktop laser printer support package. This package provides cover for all areas of our support needs, including seamless toner/service/support provided through one point of contact and cost.

The long-term benefits

The relationship we have with SDS gives our staff the ‘peace of mind’ to concentrate on the important aspects of our business, leaving our printing and scanning support in the capable hands of SDS.

I would highly recommend any business that does not have full access to and control of their print overhead costs to speak with SDS regarding their Total Print Management package.


SDS has truly helped us to improve the management of our resources, clearly identifying real cost and, as a consequence, improved the productivity of Acorn Solicitors.

David and Jill Sinclair are Partners of Acorn Solicitors in Street and Taunton, Somerset.

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