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Document Management and Storage

Simplify, automate & organise your documents

We offer scan archive and retrieval solutions that will simplify and automate your folder structure and make locating your documents effortless. Alongside systemised workflow offerings that can create approval systems for digitising invoicing and job sheets. Data can be extracted from documents and used to populate back office programs seamlessly. Making your paper intelligent.

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Save money and stress with our systemised solutions.

At SDS we have perfect solutions for the ever-evolving office space from scan routing offerings like Document Navigator and file sharing platforms like Foldr through to Scan, archive retrieval packages like Square 9 and Filestar we have you covered.

There are also print management solutions in the form of PaperCut MF and Hive. All backed up by our hugely experienced support team.

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  • Scan, Archive & Retrieve
  • Integrate to your electronic folders
  • Capture documents from any source
  • Cloud based storage
  • Audit trail compliance
  • Extract critical information

Document Navigator is an easy and intuitive capturing solution which saves time, effort & money by automating daily work routines.

It retrieves documents from different sources, then processes and delivers them, requiring no manual intervention, in the preferred format and to the specified destination. By organising daily office routines with Document Navigator Essentials, users gain time for really important tasks.


Document Capture


Workflows start directly on the panel of the multifunctional bizhub device (MFP). This provides a convenient means to enter additional workflow information such as naming the document, selecting destinations, adding metadata.

Limitation of scanning options

The administrator can assign scan settings to specific workflows. For example to control the file size for storage you might only permit the use of larger resolutions for important graphical documents and determine b/w scanning for documents that do not require digital colour output.

Windows folder structure

Documents are captured from predefined Windows folders. Whenever a document appears in the specified folder, it is automatically picked up and processed according to the workflow specification.

Secured access

It is possible to restrict access to Document Navigator Essentials from the bizhub device only to users who authenticate with their Windows or Active Directory details.

Document processing

Reliable OCR text recognition

Thanks to the ABBYY OCR engine, textual content is reliably recognised in electronic and paper documents and transformed into editable, extractable or searchable content.

Popular file formats

Automatic conversion into the most popular electronic formats is supported, including Word, Excel, PDF, sPDF, JPEG, TIFF, XML, PDF/A.

Barcode recognition

With the integrated barcode reader, 1D barcodes can be read and the recognised values used for document processing. In addition, documents can be separated by inserting sheets with barcodes before scanning. Users can thus combine multiple documents into a single scan job. The barcode separators ensure individual processing.

Zone recognition

It is possible to restrict access to Document Navigator Essentials from the bizhuThis enables recognition according to predefined zones. This capability is extremely useful for automation, since content can be read out and set for example as metadata or included in the document name.b device only to users who authenticate with their Windows or Active Directory details.

Image improvement

Empty pages are automatically detected and deleted. And if the scanning of a document is not completely straight, any slant is corrected with the automatic page rotation.

Document distribution

Network location

Scanned documents are delivered directly into desired network folders, which can be selected on the MFP panel or are automatically addressed according to the workflow specifications.

Connectors to most popular solutions

Documents can be stored in several systems, including SharePoint, SharePoint Online (Office 365), Google Drive, Telekom Cloud, Digital Cabinet, Evernote, and others. Even an XML generator is provided, ensuring support of most electronic systems.

E-mail address

The forwarding of digital documents to any internal or external e-mail address is easy, with the address either pre-set or selectable in the MFP panel. In Document Navigator Essentials, even small e-mail address books can be configured

The business alternative to cloud storage solutions.

Foldr logo image

Secure – Compliant – Affordable

As tablets and mobile devices have become ubiquitous, a solution is required to enable their users to access corporate data, transfer data between devices and share data with others.

Some organisations turn to Cloud storage, however for many organisations and enterprises this is not a viable option. But what is the alternative?

Where I.T. is mission critical and data is a valuable property, which is governed by both security policy and legal/regulatory compliance frameworks, or where you just want simple access to file servers from BYOD devices, the alternative is Foldr

Foldr diagram

Transform everyday information into business intelligence.

Square 9 logo

Easily capture, classify, validate and transform your business documents into useable information that provides insight, drives efficiency, and leads to smarter decision making.  GlobalCapture enables you to  arrange document processes that extract critical business information and put it into motion through automated capture workflows.

Filestar is a cloud-based document management service, ideal for scanning and archiving your paper documents.

Filestar logo

A few reasons why it’s great for you …

Filestar makes it very easy for you to transfer your paper files to a digital archive.

Less paper

Less paper

Paper takes space - Space costs money - Paper takes time (to file & find) - Less paper = money saved!

Cloud based

Cloud based

Cloud based - Our cloud servers take away all of the hassle and costs of managing your own servers and storage.  All you need is a web browser.



Compliance - With secure access, comprehensive auditing and flexible retention policies, Filestar ticks all the boxes when it comes to meeting your document compliance requirements.

Efficient processes rather than content disruption and transcription errors.



Kofax Power PDF Advanced makes it easy for businesses to gain control over PDF workflows in every department and for every use with the ability to create, convert ad assemble industry-standard PDF files with superior accuracy. It features the richest set of capabilities for collaborating and securely sharing PDF files with colleagues or customers. Power PDF is easy to install and customise for your business needs. It supports touch-enabled Windows(R) 10 devices so you can be productive on the go or in the office. It delivers performance and value as never before, freeing you from the compromises of other PDF applications.

Over 90% of UK businesses do not have a full picture of their annual printing costs!

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We can expose the true costs of your printing, photocopying and scanning and highlight where we can save you money! Request a FREE print review today.

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