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Case Study

The benefits of the SDS joined-up approach to print, copy and scan solutions are experienced across the board, as Claire Wall from Brean Leisure Park found.

The situation

We have 270 staff employed at our Holiday Park and Fun & Water Park. We had a very ‘bits and pieces’ approach to dealing with our document reproduction and management needs.
When we were thinking about improving our on-site print/copy/scan facilities we sought advice from SDS and another supplier. We quickly realised that the quality of advice and support provided by SDS was far superior.

The SDS solution

We took advantage of what turned about to be a very worthwhile FREE SDS Print Audit. This ultimately led us to reduce the number of printers we had by half and helped us make major savings.

The long-term benefits

Previously we had only one scanner to serve the whole site. Now, scanning is used across all departments, routing documents via scan to email. This scanning functionality has led to a huge reduction in the use of printing paper.  Our Accounts department has particularly benefitted. All our invoices are now sent via email, which has reduced both postage and print costs and, crucially, sped up payments from our customers.

“The real benefit of dealing with SDS is that they deliver a top quality service. SDS engineers never make you feel you are being a ‘pain’ when you report a problem or ask a question. In these times when we’re all looking to get best value for money the SDS approach to business really does make a difference.”

Claire Wall, Director of Brean Leisure Centre, Holiday Resort Unity, Brean Sands, Somerset.

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