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Case Study

Even companies with small print quantities can save money with SDS, as Mike Morgan, founder of Mike Morgan Electrical Services, discovered…

The situation

I set up MMES in 1989 to satisfy the need for skilled industrial and commercial electricians to support local businesses with electrical installation and maintenance.
We had many desk top printers, which were relatively cheap to purchase, but difficult to manage and expensive to run, maintain and replenish. We had particular cause for concern with the costs associated with the number of print cartridges being purchased.

The SDS solution

SDS offered us a FREE Print Audit. At first we thought our print volume was too low to consider the type of equipment SDS recommended:  how wrong we were!

The long-term benefits

We now have superior output quality for our in-house printed posters and leaflets. We are saving on space and power consumption by using only one machine instead of several. The machine does everything we require: it copies, scans, prints up to A3 size and saves a considerable amount of staff time.  The training provided by SDS staff was superb, they made sure we received the maximum from their technology.

“SDS are always prompt in response to any support requests and provide ongoing free training.”

Mike Morgan, of Mike Morgan Electrical Services

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